Collapsing into the Whatever

Right here on The Least Most, we’ve been honored to have Matt Coplon contribute a collection of short stories electronically bound as Boredom Diaries. Over the past year, Matt has been editing these stories to be bound in a more tangible format.

This week Matt shared that his book of these short stories, titled “Collapsing into the Whatever”, is complete and in-hand. If you’re interested in a copy of “Collapsing into the Whatever”, contact Matt at

The bar Matt sets for himself is very high and finishing this project was surely no small feat. If you’ve enjoyed the Boredom Diaries, you should definitely reach out to Matt about getting your hands on this book.

As if completing the book wasn’t enough, Matt also put together a great edit to celebrate the book’s release:

Matt is awesome, regardless of the delivery mechanism.

Jason Morris

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