Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.

Posts from Jason:

Kyle Hibbard at Cranx

Spotted this over on The Union. Kyle Hibbard giving the jump line at Cranx a few stylish laps. If you look close you'll see a ... read more

Mike Tag

If you haven't seen this already, head over to the FBM site for some words from Steve Crandall about his past week, spent with Mike ... read more

East Coast Roast

On Friday, March 30th, Richmond, Virginia will have a giant cup of locally-roasted coffee set up with ramps on either side for you to launch ... read more

Sasquatch DVDs and Shirts

Jackson put together a compilation DVD of all of the great Sasquatch Canyon edits over the past two years. The dvd comes free with the ... read more

Cobra II

Looks like Derek received some Orchid samples. Check out the Blue Groove Cobra II over on the Orchid site. More soon, I'm sure! read more

Brandon Eckles from Caliwumpus

Jackson sent over this link to Brandon Eckles' part from the Caliwumpus DVD, noting how he can go from smooth to loose in the blink ... read more

Anthem II – Declassified Footage

Stew Johnson cracked open the Anthem II hard drives and has been putting together some web videos featuring unseen footage from Anthem II. If you've ... read more

Cannonball Fun

Crandall, Kenny Horton and the rest of the FBM gang has been on the road for the past two weeks, trekking across the country in ... read more

The Shaman of Bowl Corners

I spotted this post and photo on the Credence site of the new EmpireBMX bowl, another Ryan Corrigan masterpiece. Photo: Clint Reynolds/Credence I will be forever fascinated ... read more

Getting Back on Track

In January 2008, Mike Vincent was struck by a car while riding his bike in LA and has been on the long road to recovery ... read more

FBM on Megatour 10

This is awesome! FBM just uploaded their section from Props Megatour 10. The gang journeyed through Texas in a bus and took on a wide ... read more

Pushing a Winnebago

A while back we did a feature on Ryan Humphrey and some of his favorite work and installations. Among the photos in the feature was ... read more