Fresh For ’89 You Suckaz

My friend Andy Carr just sent over this scan of a 1989 Woodward brochure cover, “Came across this a bit ago. Woodward Brochure cover. Lower right it says, ‘New For 1989 Skateboarding’. Haha see, they don’t run everything or start everything. Plus, Carlos ‘Bronco’ Tirado on the cover. Don’t know if you ever knew who this guy was, but he was Puerto Rican… or Mexican, I cant remember… but he was a cool dude, rode vert, definitely was a character who was talked about years after he worked there. He smoked pot, stirred up controversy… but was likeable, from what I remember.”

This is totally random and unrelated to Woodward, but for some reason the “New For 1989 Skateboarding” tag line reminded me of this KRS One intro from Sick Of It All’s first full length album. This was pretty much at the beginning of the rap/metal crossover movement. At one point I remember thinking that rap and metal music combined would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then when it actually happened, it wasn’t so great. In fact it was downright horrible. If I had time I’d get into it, but that’s a whole other story. Actually that gives me an idea for a music article. The Rap Metal Hall of Shame coming soon…

Edit: Rap-metal hall of shame right here.

Derek Adams

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