Bikes on Bikes

One of the most common email questions we get at Least Most (aside from where to buy Sport Hands) is how to build a bmx rack for a motorcycle.

There are dozens of ways to do it and not every motorcycle is the same, so we decided to put together a quick gallery of moto rigs to inspire anyone who is looking to fabricate one themselves.

Evan Venditti snapped photos while on Lords of Fun 2 of some of the crew’s setups.

Parker Harrington and his Blue CB550

Parker's bike rack fashioned from angle iron can hold up to 3 bikes!

Bolted down nicely

Puck's Grey CB550. Typical japanese rear rack with bike laid flat across and bungied down.

Brian Rainsford's Black 75 Ironhead has a custom sissy bar, padded and angled towards the driver.

Crandall dug through his photo library for a few setups, too.

Crandall's last motorcycle with custom antlers straight out of a hacked rear end. Tested over many, many miles.

Clint Reynolds fashioned a rack from an old bike stand clamp, strapping down his bars on the seat. Small but functional.

A better angle of Clint's strap job. A skate rack, too!

If metal fabrication isn't your thing, make like John Saxton and build a rack out of wood! Strapped flat and ready to go.

If you have a rack you’ve built, shoot us a photo on twitter or at We’ll share any submissions we receive. Build your own fun.

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.