Lords of Fun 2 – Photos

The Lords of Fun is a tongue and cheek gang of ne’er do wells, loosely affiliated with nothing at all, and down to party! It’s not a serious scenario by any means, It’s simply a road trip organized as an excuse to get a bunch of friends together for good times and adventure. We rode motorcycles, BMX bikes, skateboards, sea kayaks, mopeds, and even a crazy green limo. We camped out, partied at the beach, rode skateparks, and traveled like post apocalyptic gypsy tourists to an amusement park in our brains.

Thanks to Tioga, Props BMX and FBM for the support in making this trip a reality!

Over the course of the trip, Crandall and Jason collected a bunch of photos… here’s a handful of our favorites:

Steig getting ready to roll to the Outer Banks

Neighbors and Jason Anderson not pulling screens

Balls has the right idea!

A freshly separated shoulder didn't stop Holladay from catching and cooking his dinner straight out of the Atlantic.

Leland and Steig sunburnt and stoked

Night one in the beach house was not lame or tame

Chris Neighbors poking out of this four foot wide over-vert quarter in the pouring rain

Late night BBQ session

Anything with two wheels was welcome on this trip

Life's a beach!

Evan Venditti and Brian Rainsford getting equipped for a day on the beach.

Ocean kayaking all day

Trip MVP, Eric Holladay shredded the Currituck park before spending the afternoon in the hospital. Smiles the whole time.

Evan bermshot to launch. Lee Sizemore would be proud.

Crandall hanging it out during a pre-trip gentlemen's club session

The first and second most interesting men in the world. Limo life.

North Carolina cruise

This is Evan Venditti on vacation


The caravan from the chase limo. Lords of Fun.

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.