Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.

Posts from Jason:

Shelter Session

Joel Barnett, Mario Martin-Alciati and Will Bruce put together this quick edit from a trip from Syracuse, NY to Albany, NY to ride the Shelter ... read more

D.I.Y. – Marc Seemann

We asked Least Most viewers to send in photos of things that they've built that they're proud of. Here's a photo that Marc Seemann sent ... read more

Gianluca Marrone tweaked

Our friends over at Calle Marconi distro in Italy sent over a few pics of Gianluca Marrone twisting the hell out of a couple of ... read more

Ghetto Mansion

Words by Aaron Gates, photos courtesy of Jason Vawter Every scene has a BMX house or two. If you haven’t lived in one, you’ve probably rode ... read more

T-1 in Colorado

Joe Rich produced this edit from a T-1 journey to Colorado, featuring Danny Hickerson, Joseph Frans, and Tom Dugan. Awesome doesn't do it justice. Watch ... read more

What have you built?

We know that you're all creative folks and we'd like to see some of the awesome stuff you've built! Hit us on on our Facebook page ... read more

FBM Limited Edition Anthem Frame

Crandall just posted up some news on the FBM site of a limited edition Anthem Steadfast frame. It's coming with custom badges/stickers, the Anthem II ... read more

Gimme Shelter

Running an indoor skatepark isn't easy. If you've been riding for a few years you've probably seen a fair number of parks come and go. ... read more

Tom Blyth shreds

The folks over at Odyssey posted up an edit with FBM's Tom Blyth. That dude rips! read more

Henny Quick Fire

Brian Tunney did a quick question and answer with FBM's Eric Hennessey on the ESPN blog. Henny is pretty awesome in my book and regular ... read more

Tiger Bunch!

Just spotted (or striped?) a Tiger Bunch edit over on the Orchid site. Check it out.... read more

Gypsy Tour 3 Premiere

A bunch of the Least Most gang is heading to the greater Ithaca region this weekend for the premiere of the FBM Gypsy Tour 3 ... read more