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Bike Drag Race

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Workboots and Erector Set frames.

BMX in 1976. Thom Lund read more

Top Freestylers

Do these guys still rule our board meetings? read more

Lazy Sunday Edit

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BMX Plus Nov 1983

One of the "nuttiest" covers ever. read more

Nice shorts skinny.

Yeah. Yeah. I am often told I have great legs, for an eight grader. And if anyone knows where my crossbar is? I would like ... read more

Kevin Martin

For the longest time, one of the most asked question I had about Trash was what the hell Kevin was doing with that windshield. You'll ... read more

Jumpin’ Jim Pratt

There is so much that is right about this picture. The use of 40 gallon drums as your landing ramps supports. The lack of final ... read more

Holy Bash Guard!

I have been staring at this picture on my computer for some time now this morning and I can't get over how bad of a ... read more

Bob Haro Art.

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Bmx Plus September 1983

I couldn't imagine bumping elbows with these guys in the AA pro class. Stu Thompson and Brian Patterson look like they are about to lock ... read more

Three kooks in a lower rider…..

.....I am often reminded of things looking back at some on these old video clips. At one time in out short BMX history I recall ... read more