Three kooks in a lower rider…..

…..I am often reminded of things looking back at some on these old video clips. At one time in out short BMX history I recall Dave Parrick owning a little white mini truck. Could have been a Datsun? Don’t right remember. I do remember from time to time, Dave, James Shepherd, and myself would temp fate and try and make short road trips in this little truck. The question on most of our minds was, “Will this thing get us there and back?” And sure enough, most of the time it did. To the surprise of many people.

On one of our short trips we would often take, down to San Marcos from Austin to ride the SWT campus. This filming trip sticks out most of all to me over most any of the many other trips we took. Dave’s little truck didn’t have a radio at the time, and the short drive there was a quite one. Well on the way back to Austin, somehow the three of use broke into singing the Sanford and Son theme song. I wouldn’t really call it singing, there are no words. Dave was maned the lows, Sheps had the mids and highs, and I was on percussion. Now what was the length of that theme song? A minute? Minute and a half? Whatever it was, we had the extended version going. We made in all the way to Austin doing this for the whole 35 minutes. Good times!

Dave Parrick from edward koenning on Vimeo.

James Shepherd from edward koenning on Vimeo.