Westland Beach Regulations

One of my favorite things to see, is the end of a road, when it hits a waterway, whether it be a beach, a river, a harbor or what have you…where something ends, and another begins, or vice versa, littered with the remnants of passerby’s, people partying, sightseers, nomads and vagabonds.
Sometimes there are people around, doing what people do at a shoreline, fishing, laying on a towel, being weird, or like me, just scanning the view, at the scattered ghost of an old pier, or an empty twelve pack of some semi obscure shitty beer.
The last time I did that, there was a full sized, well manicured poodle digging through the trash, near a sign reading “Westland Beach Regulations”, which mentioned nothing of the absurdity of huge poodles, and how stupid they look. I went closer to take a photo of the dog, near the trash,piled up from beach going party animals, and that weird looking bastard growled and snapped at me. Shitty dog…

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.