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Andrew Forgash!

So my friend Andrew Forgash Calls me tonight laughing in hysterics, amidst his cheer he tells me the following; his high School 10 year reunion is coming up, to which he has no interest in.

The former class president finds him via his website email, and some google searching, explaining she is in charge of getting in contact with the entire class. Andrew responds by creating a new email address-, explaining how he was killed, and writes this fictitious news report to attach to the email.

from New York Times
26 Year Old Crewman Dies in Sea And Three Men Are Missing

A crew member of a clamming boat died and three men were missing last night when their 84-foot boat floundered in rough seas and sank in the Atlantic 13 miles off Manasquan, N.J., the Coast Guard said.

One of the vessel’s owners, Pete Long, said the boat, the Grim Marria, appeared to have been swamped by 8- to 10-foot waves so vicious that a Coast Guard rescue boat had to turn back.

‘They were taking water over the bow,’ said Mr. Long, a co-owner of L.A.S.S.D. Enterprises in Cape May, N.J. ‘If that happens and water gets down into the tanks, once it starts to list it won’t recover.’

The Coast Guard received a distress call from the boat around 6 P.M. An hour later, the crew member, Andrew Forgash 26, was found by a Coast Guard helicopter, floating in a life preserver and alive but unconscious. He died at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune two hours later, a hospital spokeswoman said. ‘He was named a hero by the surviving crew members for the lives he saved and his efforts.’

At one time it was heard that Mr. Forgash was on fire, due to an electrical explosion. Still helping others.

Although Coast Guard rescue teams were to continue searching throughout today, Stephan Godsbey of the Coast Guard’s Atlantic City Group said that with water temperatures in the 40’²s and barely any debris visible on the water, the outlook for the other three crew members was not bright.

‘He was a strong swimmer, maybe the strongest in the crew. but he was in the water for an hour,’ Pete Long said of Mr. Forgash, ‘and that was definitely too much for him.’

The Grim Marria left Point Pleasant, N.J., about 50 miles south of New York City, sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday for a 24-hour trip to dredge for ocean quahogs, a large species of clam usually canned or processed into breaded clam strips, Mr. Long said.

After an uneventful trip to an area somewhere between 15 and 30 miles out, the Grim Marria was returning home when the seas grew rough, Mr. Long said. Neither he nor the Coast Guard knew what caused the high winds ‘“ more than 30 knots ‘” and rough seas off Manasquan.

When the helicopter spotted Mr. Forgash, floating and holding a flare, a swimmer was lowered into the water and wrestled him into a rescue basket.”

When Andrew’s mother started getting calls and condolences, she freaks out on him, and he laughs… questioning if it’s ok that he doesn’t feel bad.

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