A very short abbreviation of 355 strange days…

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I started out the year driving a school bus through Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, and eventually Austin Texas… I had a good time with my friends riding bikes.
Then drove it home with a pit bull who ate 20 flour tortillas in one sitting.

I spent the spring in Richmond Virginia riding kids bikes, and digging holes in the ground, and shot a skit with a couple of friends who were recreating some offbeat version of Back to the future. I had a hangover from getting drunk with my parents on St. Patty’s day.

On April fools day my friends wore bunny rabbit ears and launched bikes off sketchy ramps while guzzling booze. Immediately afterwards I drove a school bus to the woods, shot machine guns, ate a roasted pig, and drank booze around a bonfire, after playing with puppies.

April was a wild month, of planning bike company related product, and manufacturing business type stuff, and hosting two events, one at an empty swimming pool, and another at a ramp in an industrial area. Immediately after we finished that, I ate food over a fire in the woods, and rode my bike.

In may, my friends and I orchestrated a 13 page article in a world renowned bicycle publication, and I got a photo eating a slice of pizza! After the Pizza My friend Mikey got towed in by an early seventies DT 250 on his bicycle and did a backflip, off of a homemade ramp over a school bus. All of our friends cheered. We learned a lot that day. one of which being the speedometer on the 250 was broken…

I finished out May, watching one of my best friends get married and shooting a potato cannon over Seneca lake, while planning more business related stuff, and drinking beer near the James river after riding my bike there with some friends, we couldn’t wait for June. I also saw a guy asleep behind my house near puddle. I took a photo.

In june I rode my motorcycle with 12 friends into a tropical storm on the coast, while the school bus followed, and we all drank large quantities of beer, I was with old friends and new, from near and far, and we had a blast. Later that month, we worked on more business practices, and I got a hair cut, the first time in 3 years or so. then Mikey went nuts again, and built the sketchiest loop you ever saw, and Erik, Neil and him rode upside down around it near a fire, It was another glorious moment in our loose summer illustrating the benefits of our bizzaro community coming together to make another outrageous idea a reality.

I spent the 4th of July riding bikes in the woods with one of my best friends, ate food over a fire, and got so damn drunk, the knife I was wielding, had to be hidden in the last place I would look for it. We also lit fireworks off my roof. Soon after we drove a school bus to the beach to watch bike tricks at a pizza place, and Kenny hitch hiked home after a weird mix of bad ideas, and controlled substances. We got home and I watched some lady friends get ass tattoos in my kitchen, one of which wearing unicorn mask…
I ended July narrowly escaping the Riots at the US open of Surf in Huntington Beach, after a short stay at a resort on the beach front.

In august I drove a school bus through Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City, into Connecticut, Rhode Island, and throughout Massachusetts, there were more than 10 of us, and the cops hated seeing a traveling circus such as it was, they had us pulled over and attempted to search the rig 3 separate times. We slept in an abandoned boat yard, a swamp, the woods, on a farm, and a baby cow named Joe shit near everyones head. We also went surfing in New Jersey an had some killer sandwiches.
Before driving back to Virginia, I jumped off of a cliff, and hit my leg on a submerged rock, it split my leg open to the bone, I crazy glued it shut and drove the School bus home.

A soon as we got home we built a 6 foot tall ramp shaped like a shark, and jumped into a lake while GWAR and Municipal Waste played live rock music.
The next day My leg got infected, I ended up in the hospital, and learned I had also broken my leg. That was a bummer.
Then I saw a squirrel eating slice of pizza on a power line. I took a photo of it.
For the last days of August, I drove a school bus to upstate NY, hosted a bike contest on the rain in Vestal NY, visited my Home town of Ithaca NY, got blind drunk, and had a dysfunctional family picnic on cayuga lake.

In September, after judging a Vans contest at the ECSC I started giving a friend bike riding lessons at the Local BMX track, made a film with Kenny, rode bikes in the woods, visited my family near surf city, hung out in my kitchen, and crashed again on my bike, hitting my head on a thorny tree, and bruising my ribs. That Sucked.

October started by filming Holladay for a film, and then a Rock Video shoot of my friend Matt’s band in the woods, we ate food over a fire, and had a time. Soon after we went to Pennsylvania again in the school bus, then to another Bike contest on the rain, in New England, and I drank copious amounts of beer while on medicine for the infected wound on my leg, and got sick as hell, I puked outside the bus, and my friends wore halloween masks, I loved it.
Almost immediately after getting home from New England, I drove with two close friends, in a school bus, through Atlanta, Mobile Alabama, New Orleans, Lake Charles, across a ferry to Galveston , Into Texas, for a raucous week in Austin at a bike contest in a lumberyard, Slept in swamps, bad neighborhoods under a bridge, saw palm trees and weird people, visited friends and had the time of my life.
After that I came home, hung out in my kitchen , worked on filming a self portrait and celebrated halloween with my lunatic friends.

I started November flying back to Austin Texas to watch my favorite bands, and my heroes ride bikes, at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and traded stick and poke tattoos in a hotel with a sewing kit with my friend Mike from Hawaii.
I got home a few days later, and drove to New York, while working on a magazine article, for an international publication. I had pizza and burritos with my friendly co workers, and got back in the car and clocked another 450 miles. As soon as I got home I rode my bike into a pole and nearly KOd myself, I then shot a photo of Dillon for an ad.
The rest of November was spent cramming as much bike and motorcycle riding in while the weather permitted, and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with my family.

Decemeber started with mixed crappy weather, a lot of computer work, wrapping up some films, and other projects, shooting photos, and then driving to Tampa Bay Florida, for a bike contest, and to ride the snake run at Kona.
I ate at a place called Taco Bus every meal I could, saw crazy drunk Floridians, went to worlds largest flea market, and then got bit on the head by a black widow. After driving home, My head went crazy, my eyes became swollen shut, and I had to spend a night in the ER, where I became violently ill, either from the medicine or the poison.30 people in scrubs and santa hats, accompanied by children wearing reindeer antlers charged in, sang Jingle Bells, and I went home then slept for 24 hours. I woke up and drew a horse.

There are still ten days left…

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