Unauthorized Biography of Slayer


If I would have heard this song when is was 13 I probably would have gotten into rap music a few years earlier than I actually did.  But it is actually from 2008,  from Necro’s brother and former Non-Phixion member Ill Bill.  It’s a take on Nas’ song the unauthorized biography of Rakim.  Always down for the metal, Ill Bill has a unique approach to rap music that encompasses the spirit of both types of music, but in no resemblance of any kind to rock-rap bullshit crossovers like Limp Bizkit.  Ill Bill has recorded songs with Max and Igor Cavalera from Sepultura, members of Bad Brains, Killswitch Engage as well as Raekwon, DJ Premier, Immortal Technique and a long list of  heavy hitters from both genres.  Check out the next joint, and if you know 80s metal it might bring you back.

BMX riders might recognize a few Necro produced Non-Phixion instrumentals that were used in Ralph Sinisi’s Props interview.  They are classic hip-hop songs in their own right, so get hyped and go get you hands on some classic Ill Bill and Non-Phixion material.



One more Reign in Blood reference