The Tao of Wu

How can hip-hop be dead when Wu-Tang is forever?  That’s not a question you may have asked yourself lately, but pick this book up and you might change your mind.  The Tao of Wu is a new book by the Rza, and unlike The Wu-Tang Manual, this is more of a short collection of stories rather than a history of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Rza does tell entertaining stories about his own experiences, including some with fellow Clan members, but his true purpose is to reflect on what has shaped his perspective toward life and put it in a form of knowledge that is available to everyone.  Knowledge and wisdom are the first of the 12 jewels, a metaphorical description of the character, material and mental aspects any man must gain in the pursuit of happiness. Rza speaks of these jewels and takes bits and pieces from many religions and spiritual practices, but his message of wisdom, or the manifestation of knowledge, is a simple definition of happiness.  You must find it in yourself because nothing and nobody else can make you happy.  That is the Tao or the way of truth, which is the practice of the Wu-Tang, which in no way will ever be restricted to martial arts, meditation, rap music, chess or religion.  Those are just tools that Rza and many others have found to be conducive to such a goal.  The Tao is always there because it is everything, you just might not be listening right, so Rzarect yourself, but don’t call it a comeback because Wu-Tang is forever.