The Dead Sea

You might have heard of the Dead Sea,between Israel and Jordan, commonly believed to be the saltiest lake on earth with over 32% salinity. Well it is in fact not the saltiest place on earth, there are three more saltier places, two are in Antarctica and one is in Lake Assal ‘“ Djibouti, Africa. Gerald Norman would be disappointed because he is often called the Dead Sea, Salty-G, Salt-G the 7-0-Seven Salt Mine and who knows what else, i think he even waxes ledges with bricks of salt. His cousin even beat up Dru Down once. So if you see him around the San Francisco Bay Area, say hi, and if your lucky you’ll get a mean mug. Gerald isn’t always that salty, he just does things on his own terms and does not give a fuck about what anyone else has to say about it, and that’s why he’s a homie. so keep shredin and saltin g!