Sasquatches, Lumberjacks, and Legends

Dusty Afternoons from jackson allen on Vimeo.

No epic pans and zooms, no instrumental “jams”, just sweet trail riding from Dusty Sampson in the seemingly healthy riding scene that is Santa Cruz, California. Jackson Allen threw this one together and I’m psyched to see what else he has in store for the BMX internet world. To see more from this scene and one of the most consistently updated sites on the web visit Sasquatch Canyon.

And speaking of legends like Sasquatch, when I googled Chris Eimen’s name a recent comment on The Come Up was the first thing to, well, come up. I must say it’s a very “legend” comment to make, if it was in fact him. Chris Eimen, along with other Seattle BMXers, were featured heavily in the Jan/Feb 1998 issue of SNAP Magazine.

Also riding those Seattle trails in the same issue was the Lumberjack himself, Mr. Gary Ellis who had a great interview in that issue. The Lumberjack surprised many with photos of him 360ing doubles and performing other jumping variations. If I recall correctly he was wearing flannel. I can’t recall if this was post mullet days.

Here, Gary Ellis proves he is actually a Lumberjack with his apparent affinity for wood. We also see that BMX Media men were just as awkward then as they are now. Except replace sweaters and scarfs with neon tee shirts from ironic USA tourist traps. The best Holeshot of the week indeed.