Hot Water Music releases new album

No Idea Records had just released a new studio album from Hot Water Music. Entitled Redemption, the record marks the band’s return to their original hometown label after years at Epitaph Records.

Owner Var Thelin had this to say about the release and HWM returning to their former home:

‘Twelve new songs, recorded in 2010 at the new Stresstudio in Gainesville, Florida. Redemption shows a return to form for HWM; dual palm-muting, anthemic choruses, and the rhythm section is showboating harder than “Fuel for the Hate Game.” The tempos are up, the energy is scorching, and nary a delay pedal is to be heard. 12 songs, 27 minutes. This is the record you have been waiting for!’

Long time drummer and recently added member to Against Me! George Rebelo plays drums on side A while Against Me!’s previous drummer and current taco shack owner Warren Oakes plays drums on side B.

This will be the band’s first studio album recorded for the label since Fuel for The Hate Game was released 13 years ago. No Idea recently re-released several HWM albums including classics Forever and Counting, No Division, The New What Next, Caution, A Flight and a Crash, and double-LP collection Till the Wheels Fall Off.

The band will be performing at this year’s annual Punk Rock Bowling, hosted by BYO Records, as well as a summer tour of Europe.

Hot Water Music tour dates:
5/7 ‘“ Las Vegas, NV @ Sunset Station – Punk Rock Bowling
6/11 ‘“ Nikelsdorf, Austria @ Nova Rock Festival
6/12 ‘“ Interlaken, Switzerland @ Greenfield Festival
6/13 ‘“ Trier, Germany @ Greenfield Festival
6/14 ‘“ Antwerpen, Belguim @ Trix
6/16 ‘“ Helsinki, Finland @ Notsuri
6/17 ‘“ Goteborg, Sweden @ West Coast Riot Festival
6/18 ‘“ Scheesel, Germany @ Hurricane Festival
6/19 ‘“ Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany @ Southside Festival
6/21 ‘“ London, UK @ Islington Academy
6/22 ‘“ Leeds, UK @ Irish Centre
6/23 ‘“ Newport, UK @ TJ’s
6/24 ‘“ Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood Rooms
6/25 ‘“ Paris, France @ Glazart
6/27 ‘“ Barcelona, Spain @ Estraperlo Club

Steve Crandall

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