G-Funk Will Never Die

Legendary singer and hip-hop artist Nate Dogg has suffered two strokes in the past few years, leaving him nearly completely paralyzed and unable to speak. Although his greatest success was in the form of guest spots singing the hook for other artists, he has made a lot of great music as a solo artist, as well as with his cousins Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger. This is truly a tragedy, yet he is showing signs of recovery, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers, or at least keep one of his hooks stuck in your head.


I saw this today
From dubcnn.com:
Damizza wants to let everybody know that Nate has been improving and asking for his music to listen to. We were also provided with a mailing address to which fans and supporters can send letters and cards with get well wishes and their personal messages to Nate Dogg. His mother will be reading them to him.

Nathaniel Hale
8306 Wilshire Blvd #484
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

We would like to ask everybody to PLEASE keep the letters clean, out of respect for Nate’s mother. Thank you.

Keep checking in with dubcnn, we will be providing the fans with the latest information on Nate Dogg’s condition and his recovery process. Again, thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our last article.