Bicycle MotoCross Action- October 1979

Tim Judge on the cover of Bicycle Motocross Action. The “on the cover” description read “doing the one-footer that he made famous…or made him famous, one or the other.” Not sure about all of that, I was always under the impression it was more for the “Leary” he had done. Either way, there must be a reason for Tim Judge to have gotten so much coverage in his time. He is a ruler for sure.

I actually started to post this for that sick picture of Bob Haro airing the crap out of that 26″ beach cruiser. Then the more I looked at the Webco add on the other page, the more I liked it. Clean, simple and to the point.

A gooseneck shootout was a common thing back in these days. Cool to see the changing styles and the evolution of the stem design. And of course there is Schwinn bringing up the rear and sticking with the single clamp design. And not to forget the clean look of those Tuff Neck stems. No wonder they were so popular. And I am not going to touch that Speedo fork ad. Too easy.

Some big time pros line up in the starting gate at the ABA Summer Nationals in Amarillo. I think the ABA needs to make the one-footed gate start a rule. That would go over real well with the racers.

Nice to look at some of the really old flat tracks these guys used to race on. Looking at that crash picture will Greg Hill taking the digger, it looks like they are racing in a gravel pit. Man I bet those were fun times.

Say what you will about BMX from this time period. A sport once trying to be so much like motocross, with the uniforms, the racing battles, and all the hype. It still just boiled down to riding a silly little kids bike on a track and having fun. Thanks to all of these guys for laying the ground work for what we have now.

Provided by Ed Koenning!

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.