Holding People

50 or so well known BMXers… Being held, around the globe.

Matt Hoffman, Ron Wilkerson, Daniel Dhers, Sean Emery, Chad Degroot, Ryan Nyquist, Rob and Charlie Tibbs, Corey Martinez, Ian Morris, Aaron Ross, Trey Jones, Tyson Jones- Peni, Chad Osburn, John Lee, John Corts, Kaleb Bolton, Dennis McCoy, Darryl Nau, Official Big Boy, Brian Venable, Jeremy Reiss, Big Island, joe Daugirda, Dakota Roche, Ryan Mills, Garrett Reynolds, Pete Augustin, Dennis Enerson, Matthias Dandois, The Fids, Fat Head, Jason Watts, Vic Bettencourt, Stew Johnson, Leif Valin, Clay Brown, Matt Coplon, John Tillman- AKA Chunk, Jackson Allen, Jesse Bower- AKA Fisher, Jeff Zielinski, Garret Guilliams, Eric Holladay, Shane Leeper, Dillon Leeper, Jay Schlie, Declan Murray, and Ruben Alcantara

Posted October 4, 2019 by Steve Crandall

Lost Bowl Rumble

DIY Wrestling, or backyard fundraiser extraordinaire? Either way, the Lost Bowl goes off!

Photos courtesy of Tyler Brady and Steve Crandall

Build Your Own Fun!

Posted June 30, 2019 by Steve Crandall


Sometimes you need to invent a special occasion to make an excuse for a handful of old friends to get together for no real reason at all, except to have some laughs and ride some bikes. Not sure what hurts worse, my rolled ankle or my gut from laughing all weekend.

Over 40 photos from the 40 and over BMX retreat…

Photos of Joe Doherty, John Lee, Craig Welch, Isaac Mccrea,Chris Stauffer, Chris Sales, Mike Rotundo, Mark Choquette, Nate Hangar, Jeff Allen, Creson Dude and friends by Steve Crandall and Thomas Hash.

Posted March 25, 2019 by Steve Crandall


Group efforts yield the best results… DIY doesn’t mean by yourself.

This photo essay FBM DIY World Championships at Powers Bike Shop in Richmond Va. says plenty about that!

Shot by Matt Hovermale!

Posted October 23, 2018 by Steve Crandall

FBM Open House Photos!

25 years, one afternoon, a thousand words or more in Ithaca New York for a small celebration of the spirit of fun!

Photos of the FBM Open House- Shot By Matt Hovermale!

Posted July 31, 2018 by Steve Crandall

Pipa Grande

Exciting adventures with great friends.


Last Sunday morning, long time friend Chris Arriaga pulled up in front of my house, and I hopped in. We drove north. All I knew was he had been talking with his friend Jordan Lacey, whom I had met briefly. Jordan knew of a mammoth structure which were were hoping we’d get to ride.

We parked on the side of a highway, grabbed bikes and gear, and hopped a gate. “No Trespassing” was in large print adorning our entrance. The usual.


Jordan had been there years ago when it was very dry. So we were expecting an easy hike/ride through small scrub and a dry lake bed. Not the case this time. Recent rain had everything in bloom, especially the six to eight foot tall weeds and brush. We had to circumvent the desperately low lake bed as to not sink into the gooey mud. Didn’t really help. We spent close to 3 hours bushwhacking and desperately trying to remove the clay that was building up on our tires. At multiple points in our hike we had to stop and remove the gunk from tires so they would actually roll again. We laughed at how much effort we were putting into this.


After a long slow slog through the muck and brush we arrived below the mouth. I thought it would be faster to climb up and diagonally to beeline it straight to our destination. Chris thought staying low and traversing would be easier. Jordan followed me up the rocks with our bikes. BMX rock climbing is not easy. Chris was right. He beat us and found amusement in our suffering.


The first time my eyes focused on our destination I was in shock. I had heard of this thing for years. It’s legendary.

It’s massive! Let me say that again…it’s massive!


Jordan explained how to get in and he went for it. Slid his bike off the edge and watched it slide a long way down into darkness. He then slid down himself, picking up speed as his shoes were moisturized by the water left over from recent rainfall. I went next. Scary at first, but mellow once you get part way down. I used the “spider monkey” technique to get down without slipping.


My heart was pumping once I descended into the abyss. I think it skipped a beat when Chris called down that he wanted to drop in. I was nervous for him. I climbed back up to get his 50 pound camera backpack. He said he was on it. So I descended again with the pack and we all got ready.

Chris is a badass! He never even saw the entire run-out until he was flying down into the darkness.



Once inside we cranked in the darkness towards the daylight at the other end of the tunnel. Jordan quickly explained some intricacies and began shredding. Chris and I soon became comfortable on the massive transition and we were all having the time of our lives! At least, I know I was. We rode till our arms and legs were sore. Chris pulled out his media gear and shot some riding mementos.

Once done pedaling, we wanted to get to the cars before dark. No one wanted to deal with the hike in, so we found the main road to take back. The road was a blessing and a curse. It did make for easy travel and we did have fun blasting long downhills. However, a car pulled up behind us as we were walking up a hill.

The person in the car was shocked to see us, then, almost immediately, he was enraged. He was a worker who I think lived on the property to oversee/manage. We received the usual verbage about federal laws, trespassing, etc. We responded with mellow tones and apologies. He drove off mad.

As darkness approached, we descended the last few hills. We braked hard at the bottom of the road so as to avoid slamming into our exit gate. The maintenance guy who yelled at us was waiting on the other side of the gate. He was taking pictures of us. Just after hopping the gate, a sheriffs patrol SUV came in hot. I casually walked up to the officer. I did not deny anything and apologized. Then another officer showed up. The worker wanted trespassing tickets for all of us. Luckily the sheriffs were very cool. We were cool to them, they were cool to us. They did say though that there will not be a next time. We were told to never come back and to spread the word. So, I’ve spread the word, but I might be back.



I will be forever grateful that Jordan was cool enough to be our guide. Also thanks to Chris for carrying ridiculous amounts of camera gear so that we would have souvenirs.


Great times with great friends…perfect!

Riding photos by @chrisarriaga. Other photos by Chris, @_jordan_lacey, and myself. (Sean Emery)

Posted April 14, 2016 by Steve Crandall

Deluxe North East Trip

I don’t think there is anything better than a trail trip. That feeling of learning a new section and really giving it hell until there is no light left is kind of sessions I look forward to every trail season. The Deluxe North East Trip was just that. An awesome crew giving it hell!

Posted November 22, 2015 by Mike Potoczny

Snaps with Kyle Hibbard

These are five photos I shot with Kyle this spring. I offer them with little explanation.






Posted August 25, 2015 by Bryan Tarbell

Jaunt Down South

We took a trip down south to North Carolina after a long winter in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, some good riding, partying and adventuring went down. We didn’t get to shoot that much because the sessions were too much fun but memories are better than a 10,000 views on Vimeo.

Posted June 24, 2015 by Mike Potoczny

Jaunt in New Zealand

Mike and Mark Potoczny put together this awesome edit from New Zealand for Jaunt. Open a beer, press play and plan your next excursion.

Posted May 5, 2015 by Bryan Tarbell

Sea Stills

Sea Stills – Ray Collins from Ray Collins on Vimeo.

Posted March 30, 2015 by Steve Crandall

Marty Christman- Lifer

LIFERS – episode 2 – Marty Christman from Hippie Josh on Vimeo.

Posted March 27, 2015 by Steve Crandall