Zac Costa- Story Time

Zac Costa of Solid Bikes heads to Panama for 6 months tomorrow to do ecological research in the jungle. He’s bringing his bike, a magnifying glass and a bunch test tubes and beakers. Here’s some Zac Captions from some Joey Cobbs photos from his home turf in Nor Cal.

This sculpture is in my hometown in downtown Santa Rosa across from a scummy bar called the Round Robin. It used to be over run with tweekers until some lesbians bought it and “cleaned” the place up. For a second there was a change in clientele and a lot of hot lesbians started hanging out there, but I think the tweekers have slowly been taking back over. We never went there much anyway since my friends party house and two other bars are less than a block away, so if your ever there, save yourself the trouble and go to the 440 a much more respectable establishment frequented by Santa Rosa’s o.g. skateboarders and bike riders.

Chico in the summer can get really fucking hot. A good solution= Make a Ice withdrawal from the Liquor Bank and soak your shirt in a shitty pond that everyone in Chico seems to think is a good place to swim in and wrap it around your head. Do footjams, heckle the north 5s and repeat.

This spot was sweet but short lived. It was over by the RIP Mac Dre wall in S.F. close to where I used to live. I rode it twice and both times were pretty uneventful but I managed to stay away from 850 Bryant during my tenure there, so I guess thats more important.

Thanks for the pics and good times Cobbs!

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.