Vincent Guedes Photo Feature

Vincent Guedes is an awesome guy from France, who has an eye for taking simple, beautiful photos. He hasn’t been shooting as much bmx stuff in recent years (he’s keeping busy raising a family, starting a photo agency, and training for Ironman races) so we asked him to compile some of his favorite bmx shots from yesteryear for Least Most. Here’s what he sent, click and enjoy…

Garrett Byrnes, with some french full pipe action and a tire slide in the infamous Asbury Park pool.

Mike Aitken, 360 style at Beringer’s.

Dustin Guenther, tree ride in Vancouver.

Alistair Whitton, downside whip.

Left: Patrick, trail style in Austin. Right: Ian Morris, footplant at the old Seventies warehouse.

Van Homan, tailwhip in Utah.

Dustin Guenther, beyond inverted.

Kevin Porter.

Alistair Whitton, fence gap.

Corey Martinez, wallride barspin.

Ryan Guettler.

Derek Adams, Magic skatepark

The End.

Derek Adams

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