Vacation Forever.

Christian is a loud mouth, shit talking little son of a bitch that can really get under your skin if you let him. He can be excessively hyper and bounce of the walls or he can be a moody little brat and sit and pout about anything and everything. He’s just like a child really, overly excited about this, tremendously upset about that and annoying as fuck about everything else.

You might say this is the worst introduction written about anyone on this website and I will agree. However, you have to know Christian to understand these traits that most would consider flawed. Christian’s characteristics that fluctuate the extremes are what fuels his passion for all things awesome. His lows are what motivate change. Its something that all of us should possess in order to enjoy every moment we have here. – Rob Tibbs

“…This is all film, some new some old. I dig it. Big ups to Crandall for letting me do this. Ctbc, MuthaSkunk, IllegalTendencies , jnkfd, anyone popping wheelies in the streets, Howard for being patient and letting me get drunk and play with his scanner, Alyse for letting me crash on the couch. Fuck the police. RUBBERSIDE DOWN….” – Christian Hewett

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.