Thousand Yard Stare: Full Video

The FBM gang just uploaded one of their most recent DVDs, “Thousand Yard Stare” for your online enjoyment.

Featuring: Ruel Smith, Eric Hennessey, Magilla, Garrett Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Adam Guilliams, Kenny Horton, Kelly Baker, Jackson Allen, Darryl Nau, Dave King, Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Evan Venditti, Stew Johnson, John Lee, Paul Horan, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise, Latane Coghill The Corts Bros. and many more.

The physical DVD is still available through Last Call Distro as a special three-pack, so if you want to actually hold this thing in your hands, John Lee will make your dreams come true!

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.