This ain’t no picnic…


Some words and film photos from Austin Texas’ Eastside…

When your favorite food truck court gets the boot to make way for a swanky new hipster hotel at least put the picnic tables to good use before the the bulldozer comes. Jack (Hartje) and I built this set up one night when we were out playing pool, came back the next morning and found Kenny Horton and Neil already riding it. Unfortunately within about 48 hours of it’s construction, the Eastside Fillin’ Station’s first and only trash ramp was gone. No traces of the tables, cinder blocks or food trucks left. Within another week the T1 ramp that was just down the street would also be gone. Despite losing both spots, it’s awesome to appreciate the spectrum of stuff you get to ride in Austin. From a stack of rickety, rotted, trash picnic tables to what many would consider to be one of the most world renowned ramps ever in existence, and only 5 blocks apart at that. Always appreciate the ones you got to ride and stay stoked for the ones you might make tomorrow.

– Brad “Puck” Byrne







Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.