The Weekend Warrior (Part 3)

So after taking most of the summer off to allow the shoulder to heal, I figured it was time to get the oil changed, buy some tires, and get that inspection I’ve been putting off for months and hit the road. For this third installment of the Weekend Warrior series, we drove to Taunton, MA to check out the Skater’s EDGE skatepark.

Breaking away from the usual, I decided to take video of everything and put together a 2 minute edit of the stuff that went down at the skatepark.

Will and I left Friday afternoon and swung by Albany to scoop up Devon. He had a friend in Boston for us to stay with, and with it only being 45 minutes or so from the skatepark, it seemed like a good idea. Thanks again if you’re reading this. I gotta say, the dorms at NorthEastern University are insane! Check out that view in the second photo!

After a couple of drinks and only a few hours of sleep, at 930 we drove from Boston to Taunton, Mass. where we excited to get in the HUGE park and get to shredding. It was 25 bucks for a all day pass, but considering we had 12 hours there, the price seemed fair. In between destroying everything in the park, Devon found some time to help out the local Grom’s and teach them the basics such as dropping in (I should have taken notes).

Information about Taunton, MA:

Approximate Travel Time (from Syracuse, NY): 6 hours flat.
Random Fact: I don’t think I saw a single stop sign in the whole city, even at 4-way intersections. The traffic circle in the middle of the city had 4 blinking yellow lights, and was about 5 lanes wide with no lines. People just seemed to ‘know’ when it was their turn. I know if this existed in Upstate, NY, people would die everyday.
Riding: It’s almost directly between Boston, MA and Providence, RI, which are two huge cities for street riding. There wasn’t much in town riding wise, but the park is definitely worth a stop solely for it’s 7/8 foot tall Vert hotdog bowl with a capsule on the end!
Favorite Place for Brew: Too much driving on this trip to be drinking!
Favorite Place for Pizza: We had pizza in Boston, so we decided on Chinese, and boy what a decision that was. If you’re ever in the area, check out The Golden Dragon. We all ordered General Tso’s meals (D17) and I swear to god, the bag weighed at least 20 pounds. Absolutely he most Chinese food I’ve ever gotten with an order.
Don’t Forget Your… : Appetite. Seriously, there was so much Chinese food, I gave half my meal to the Grom’s.
Quick Story : The intro to the video above is all that needs to be said about Friday night.

I saw this A-frame on the Skater’s EDGE website and got super excited about possibly doing some stuff on it. I attempted some double tire rides over it a few times, and it really got the best of me. I guess there goes my possible Gatorade sponsorship.

After about 11 hours of riding, we were all dead, and with a 3+ hour drive back to Devon’s, we decided to head out. Thanks for checking this issue of Weekend Warrior!

Korey Kryder

Engineer by Day, Thrasher by Night.