The Weekend Warrior (Intro)

Some of us are stuck working the daily grind 8-5, leaving us little chance to really get away all week long. When Friday hits, we have two days and change to do whatever the hell we want. I’m not sure when and where it started, but at 5:01 PM EST every Friday, I’m loading my 2008 Subaru with all my gear and getting the hell out of dodge.

I try to take myself somewhere where I know I can escape the 40+ hours of terror I spend in the lab and office. Sometimes its an hour, other times its driving through the night, but regardless of the amount of time needed, I push through until I’m there. I plan to document these trips and provide you with a rundown of each city in case you ever get the itch to see a new city and feel like burning a tank (or two) of gas.To kick things off, I took the two and half hour drive east towards Albany, NY for good times and great weather.

Information about Albany, NY:

Approximate Travel Time (from Syracuse, NY): 2 hours, 30 minutes
Random Fact: This was the first year they did not allow alcohol to be brought into the annual “Tulip Festival” which is a HUGE annual festival held in Washington Park in May.
Riding : Awesome hangout spots where everyone can ride, lots of rails.
Favorite Place for Brew : Susie’s, although there’s a ton of solid bars all over the place.
Favorite Place for Pizza : Probably Soho, but Dino’s wasn’t bad either.
Don’t Forget Your… : Liver, Albany parties hard. (youtube “kegs and eggs”)
Quick Story : One night we were out on the Pearl St. bar strip and an enormous brawl broke out where people were fighting in the street and the cops could barely control the crowds. Later that night another fight broke out and I’m fairly certain we heard rounds from a .22 fired.

New tires and a tune up this week, stay tuned for the next installment!

Korey Kryder

Engineer by Day, Thrasher by Night.