The Bunker

Back in March I was on a hike when I came across this building I had seen many times before, but this time I noticed the cement slab hiding under all this mulch. On March 30th my I called up my buddy Anthony and we spent about 2 hours cleaning up the floor to see what we had to work with.

After it was all cleaned out we had a near perfect slab that was 20’ wide and 28’ long just perfect for some ramps to be put in.

After about a week of building and $1000+ spent in lumber we finally finished the ramps and had a few homies up to come try them out. This is Gavin, our 16 year old prodigy with a race background and no fear on his bike.

Gavin basically just does anything we suggest for him to try. Like this toboggan from the 4ft into the vert wall.

This is our local mid school hero Mike Staggs, as long as I’ve been riding a bmx bike staggs has been blowing my mind on his. We all grew up looking up to this dude and now his son in the background is watching his dad do whatever he wants on two wheels.

It’s only fitting that Staggs was the first to put down a huge ice pick on the top of the bunker and came back in so perfect, I think I heard the props intro music playing in the background when he landed.

Talan staggs is only 10 years old but is already showing promise with that classic style handed down to him from his dad, all day he was charging at this gap and in true BMX fashion Mike was giving him shit for touching his brake lever.

Nate is one of the original ‘beaver boys’ and the daredevil of the group, once he started roasting to the top of this vert wall I knew he was gonna push that back tire over the top for this insane slash.

With the wall only 2ft back from coping this Canadian footjam was risky for a few different reasons, but Nate handled it in just a few tries.

Anthony was my co investor and lead builder on this project and yesterday had just enough hype to crank his first turndown air on the new ramp, thankfully he gave me a heads up as he was taking laps back and forth.

Something about Anthony’s new fast and loose t shirt was making him go just a little bit higher than usual.

Ben is the wallride connoisseur of the group so he was nominated to be the first guy to put tires on the wall and he didn’t disappoint.

Johnny dreads grew up going to metro jams and drinking diesel, despite being fresh off a broken hip with three screws and a titanium plate in his hip he still had no problem stabbing this over Ice on the extension.

Words and photos by Travis Moritz.

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