Ryan Dunn Lost Photo Tribute

“As a tribute to the life of Ryan Dunn here’s a collection of lost photographs from 2001. They were shot by Adam Wallacavage in the Little Devil warehouse during the filming of Criminal Mischief. Ryan was a true fan of bmx and he even volunteered to help us film the intro section of the video, which consisted of a few pranks and some “stunt car” work. This was around the time that Jackass was just beginning and even though Ryan wasn’t a television/movie star yet, he already had a star quality about him. That’s what I love about these photographs, that star quality comes through loud and clear. He even made a suit of Xmas lights look cool. It’s sad that star had to burn out just when it was glowing the brightest. I wish I got to a chance to tell him how proud I was of his success and how much I appreciated his support and help with Little Devil. Then again I guess this is my chance. So thank you Ryan. Thanks for the laughs and thanks for making the world a lot of fun while you were here. We’re going to miss you, but you’ll never be forgotten.” -Derek Adams

For more about Ryan Dunn check out dickhouse.tv where they’ve been posting a bunch of stuff in Ryan’s memory. There’s even some words from Mat Hoffman and Rooftop who got to know Ryan well. There’s also a nice write up about Ryan on ESPN + MTV has been posting classic Jackass moments with Ryan including corn sledding and hotdog bmx. And if you’ve never seen the movie Haggard check it out, it’s a comedy based around actual events in Ryan’s life.

RIP brother.

Derek Adams

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