Ryan Corrigan- world travels…

Ryan Corrigan is a veteran Pro BMX Rider and professional ramp builder, this is a collection of shots he’s taken traveling the world over the years, riding, building and sightseeing from a non tourist perspective…

Street Justice

2006 I went and helped on an event in Edmonton. It was a mad dash of long days and lots of Molson. I’m not sure who is doing this peddle disaster thing. I know Aitken was there but it doesn’t really look like him from this angle. Whoever is in the photo is a beast, I know that.

I have no clue if this ramp was ever complete, or if its in the progress of getting there. Either way, it made me smile.

Cams house
I’ve always liked this photo. Cam wood had these jumps at his house. You had to hit a crank down the road and hit a little plastic kicker to get into them. It was one of those spots that is kinda confusing to ride and totally awesome. In this photo Cam is transferring to an E brake landing.

A couple months before the last FBM ghetto comp I told Crandall, ‘ I’m gonna come up there and build a loop’ I remember him being quiet for a few seconds on the phone and then asking, ‘Can you do that?’ My reply was. ‘Why not, We can do whatever we want’ After all it’s just an Arch. Then Myself and dude that went by the name of K-mart built it in a day and half. I’m pretty sure that was in the fall of 2004.

T1 Ribs
I’ll be forever grateful to being able to go wild in the backyard of T1 with everyone. This would have been one of the last changes we made. Just a small roller along with a rounded hip. It’s always a good feeling to picture something in your head and see it come together one step at a time.

Creepy cart
On one of our days off during the Woodward China build we went into Beijing. We heard you could rent Ice bikes on a frozen lake. You can kinda see one in the back corner of the photo. I remember being done after we all tumbled around on the ice and seeing the strangest things. It was a mechanical doll pulling a child around in a cart. The child could kinda steer it but it just kinda pulled him in circles. The knees didn’t bend and it just clomped around the ice and looked insanely creepy.

Danish Trees

I helped with some ramps in Denmark a few years back and stayed at my friends ‘summer house’ a little outside of Copenhagen. When I had the time I would just peddle around the area. There were some bike/walking trails near by where I saw all these trees one day while riding around, Probably taking pit stops to drink Carlsberg.

Daxing China
This man and his child slowly passed me while I was riding down the street. They were on a moped tricycle thing that wasn’t going that mush faster than me. I remember sprinting down the street and having to sit down and try point the camera while the scooter would pull away. I tied a few times. The child in the back loved it.

The maniac Driving the FBM crew across America. How can you not love him?

I think it was in 2007 I went with Wessel to Dubai to work on the X games Dubai course. One of the nights during the event all the Bmx patrons of the event went on a desert safari dinner thing. We stopped a few times for photo oops and this camel was just hanging out in the sunset.

Ghetto Van
Van Homan! Van tried this so many times. I think this was the 2nd or 3rd ghetto street comp. Only the power of R&B music helped van get this done.

Hallman/Bakers Acres
I’ve always had a short list of my favorite Bmx riders of all time. Chris Hallman has always been on it since I saw him ride in person. I bet this photo is about 17 years old and it could be 17 minutes old and be equally awesome.

I was lucky to be able to go to Shanghai and judge and event there a couple times. The real perk was the event was only about a 15 minute bike ride from one of the wildest parks on the planet. That’s Joe Rich airing, at least, a 15’ tall quarter.

In the north of Japan lies one of the strangest parks ever. Also known as the ‘death bowl’/’lost bowl’ and who knows what else. I first saw it on the cover of Thrasher over a decade ago and around 3 years ago after a job in Japan I made the trek to check it out. It was as wild as I imagined and I don’t think I stoped smiling.

Moeraki boulders
One of my favorite things I saw in New Zealand was a bunch of Round rocks on the beach. The Moeraki Boulders. They were so strange and beautiful. The sun was setting and I had to run around to make sure I wasn’t getting a bunch of other tourists in the photo. Some were whole, some were in pieces. I loved them.

Oregon moon
I got this years ago while camping out on an FBM trip. The full moon was huge and with the water and the mountain it turned out better than I expected.

We took one day off during the re build of the animal chin ramp about a year ago at Woodward west. That day Rooftop and Brian Terada came up to show us some wild spots near by. It was my first time actually meeting Brian and his riding is still as awesome as it ever was.

Track walk up
This abandoned bob sled track in the north of Japan was one of the wildest things I’ve ever ridden. For me this picture means everything. I was welcomed with open arms by strangers that I could barely speak to. We all knew though that we wanted to ride bikes. I’m forever grateful to them. Pushing our bikes up this hill, knowing what is about to happen, was an amazing feeling.

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.