Ride for Ron

“What can we do?” The BMX community reacted quickly to the bad news regarding Ron McDonald’s health. Fundraisers, t-shirt sales, a benefit race–even people that had never met Ron were behind the cause 100%. The response and support was a beautiful thing. Seeing a post or a comment from Ron gave us all hope. As time went on, there was less from Ron, then silence. No news wasn’t good news. We knew it was bad, but so damned soon. It’s pure heartbreak. The love for Ron was real. Even if you never met him, he represented so much of what BMX is about. It’s accepting and open. We are outsiders, like it or not. BMX is a weird activity. It’s obscure. In the 70s, when Ron started, people didn’t even know what you were talking about when you said you rode BMX bikes “You mean, like dirt bikes?” No, it’s on a bicycle. Ron knew. He lived it for many years and he loved it enough to come back. And we loved him for it. The Ride For Ron event was created in the spirit of bicycle motocross. It was intended to lift Ron’s spirits, to help him forget about everything else for a few minutes when he saw the photos or videos.We knew it was a long shot that he’d be present at the actual event, but none of us wanted to believe he’d be gone so soon. We gathered together, we rode the bikes. We talked and laughed and cried. It was all for Ron. In his spirit, for his honor and in his memory.
Huge thank you’s for yesterday’s event are due:
Todd Britton
Tracy & Charlie Salisbury
The Miller Family Brian Miller
Jeremy Hull Chad E. Hull
Wesley Burt
Mel Stoutsenberger for the awesome shirts.
Everyone who came out to ride, watch or just hang out
And everyone who supported, donated, prayed, sent positive thoughts or said a good word for Ron. So much love from all of BMX for one of our own.

Scott Towne!

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.