Pizza in Vestal

The FBM gang is well known for putting together weekend events that leave everyone stunned and smiling. If you add Derek Nelson and his compound of unique ramps and sculptures to the mix, everything gets amplified.

Here are some snaps from the FBM/HCS Post Apocolympics in Vestal, NY.

Joel Barnett made the drive up from Nashville to over toothpick wild-assed spine.

If you’re interested in losing money, bet Jack Hartje that he won’t jump over something. Van Homan learned the hard way.

Jack Hartje also learned the hard way. This was a failed 360 attempt that sent Jack to the ground so violently, he immediately puked all over himself. Seriously.

Take a look at Kelly Baker. If you see him with this look on his face, keep a safe distance away and enjoy the show.

Crandall and the legendary Will Taubin.

Joel Barnett rips a flair out of a satellite dish.

Fly from Orlando, FL to upstate NY, shave the chin out of your beard and get shitty. Brien Kielb.

Devon Swalhan turndown mower.

Eric Hennessey did this foot plant considerably higher after some coaching from Kelly Baker.

It’s always a treat to watch Alex Magallan. No foot can.

Bobby Altiser rode this obstacle just like a normal coping spine. Canadian nosepicks and this hand plant 180.

Derek Nelson won some cash riding the pizza slice and decided to give the money away. Here Crandall makes it rain with Derek’s prize money.

After falling off the top of the pizza slice straight to the ground, Derek Nelson’s bars were in rough shape. No worries, he just put one hand on the crossbar and kept riding.

High fives.

Joel B.

Kenny Horton put together a solid edit of the day for FBM. Check that, too:

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.