Photo Feature: Bryan Tarbell

You may have seen photographs from Bryan Tarbell on the FBM site, in Defgrip features and a number of other publications both online and offline. You’re more than likely to catch him with any number of film cameras in hand, meticulously setting up a shot with the patience that only years of intricate woodworking can bring.

Bryan has a keen eye and it pleases me to say that he’s going to be helping out here on Least Most on a regular basis. Check out some of Sweet Baby’s recent photos:

Here is my friend Devon Swahlan executing a very monotone can jam in Northampton, Massachusetts.

I never bring tools with me street riding. I can be cruising around the block or 8 hours away in Richmond, Virginia. The two rock chain tool actually worked… for a little bit.

Joel Barnett with a very precise wall ride in Syracuse, New York.

This is Devon again. These full pipes are all of 5 minutes from his house in Albany, NY.

John Corts of the FBM fame never looking back to Binghamton, New York.

Australian shredder Kie Ashworth came to the other side of the world to gap to ice pick this famous rail in Albany, New York.

Kyle Hibbard is typically found flowing around trails or the skatepark. Here he is with a slightly out of character gap to flat at his campus in Binghamton, New York.

Mario Martin-Alciati has an affinity for swimming, painting houses, and bunny hops in the streets. Here he indulges in the latter outside of Syracuse, New York.

The original Gypsy, Mike Corts, arrived back on US soil after an extended stay in Australia. He promptly loaded his essential belongings and went on a ten day road trip with twelve of his friends. Nothing but smiles in Stamford, Connecticut.

Here is Trevor Ashworth, one of the previously mentioned dirty dozen with a footjam in Stamford, Connecticut.

My friend Will Bruce told us a story about a previous local from Cambridge, NY dropping off this roof and sending himself over the bars. I guess that is why he decided to ride the wall down a bit first.

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.