Moto Trip

These photos are words are from a Trip we took on Motorcycles, in Early January 08, with a bunch of buddies, and a diesel Van that runs on recycled veggie oil…

The first part of the trip consisted of the group meeting at Evan’s house on Laurel street in Richmond virginia. Derrick, and that bunch arrived from New England, Kaczur Drove down from Jersey, and tag and I motored down from upstate NY, and we all unloaded the Motorcycles, bikes, and skateboards and packed them into the Shitluck Veggie rig…

The first day of motorcycle travel, was a sunny January day, and a balmy 38 degrees. It was 107 windchilling bonecold miles to the coast, stopping periodically for added layers, gloves, coffee, and ‘oil’. We had to fix a flat tire on K’s Harley at the end of the afternoon, which put us on a 40 or so mile addition to the travels, and in the dark, after sunset which put temps at 29 degrees (sub freezing motorcycle terror for 45 minutes). We ended up in the midst of a skate session in a garage bowl, put up a makeshift campsite, with a burn barrel in a friends yard and called it a day.

Lords of Fun – Tag, Derrick Girard, Myself, Clint reynolds, Brian Yeagle, Nutter, Randy Mueller, Evan V. Mike P. Credence Joel, Anna lisa, Joe Stakun, and Steve Kaczur

Day 2- We were still in some cold temperatures, but it was a nice day, and we travelled about 50 miles into North carolina, and checked out a cement skatepark in a town called Currituck. A good session on a cold sunny, and windy day, while Derrick hot rodded the Sidecar all over the parking lot. at one point a sherrif told him ‘no motorcycles in the skatepark’. After some parking lot cooking over butane fires, we headed to Kill Devil Hills in the Outer banks, and got a room at the Days inn, We soon find our way to a karaoke bar called Jolly Roger, and break into some off season beach home hot tubs…. Nutter breaks a chair in the hotel, and it costs 75 bucks… Stoked

Day 3 – after dialing in a sweet continental B-fast. its 10 miles own the road where we hit up Nags head YMCA park, Everyone is stoked on the temperatures getting out of the freezing zone, and Derrick spends the day torching through the parking lot like he is at a drag strip, or in some Hells Angels Cult film. At one point, he is launching 10 feet off sand dunes, and getting repremanded by local law. At dusk we hit up a desolate beach or drag races on cycles, and at this point Clint Crashes into derrick as a huge wave comes in, leaving the Honda submerged in the Atlantic ocean. Chaos ensues, everyone is wet, cold, and completely stoked.

Day 4 – We end up waking up at the Same hotel, who reluctantly let us get another room, and ask us how many people are in our party, I asked how many were allowed, and responded ‘thats how many we have’…. anyrate, we are right on the beach, where Yeagle decides to dismantle his skateboard, and make a ‘sand Surfer’.

It doesn’t really work. the weather is sunny and beautiful, but the road through the lower part of the outer banks is closed for off season repairs, forcing us to detour inland. We take the scenic route along the Tar-Pamlico river basin, and the sights are amazing. We travel over Crazy bridges, with swamps on one side, and a bay on the other, through rural Carolina. We were on Highway 264, and I noticed 2 signs that stood out, one reading ‘Its unlawful to feed bears along the Highway’ and another that read- ‘Welcome to Hyde county, the Road less travelled’. I was stoked. At one point we detoured off the main road, at a town called Belhaven, where the road literally ended at a sandy point at the bay, at an abandoned pier. We stopped, had a picnic style lunch, did bike maintenance, and continued on. Further down the road, after at least 150 miles we end up in Greenville North Carolina, at Ryan Nyquists Skatepark. Derrick Learned flips, and we rode till we were exhausted.

Day 5 – We wake up At Shea Nyquists, and played with his toys all morning, pogo sticks, funny bikes, bb guns, etc… while Tag scoped out Oil for the rig. At one point it was realized that the Sidecar was all but totaled. So it was torn apart, and Mods ensued, grinding, re welding, the whole nine yards. Randy’s bike had a flat tire at his point as well, Shea’s house became Mod central, and its a perfect place for it. Mid afternoon we end up on secondary highways for the rest of the afternoon, and cruise Rd 301 towards Richmond. We scored some veggie oil along the way, met some crazy folks and took in some amazing back roads scenery.

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.