Lost in the Shadows

Lost in the Shadows is a super clean trails photoblog from the UK spearheaded by James Brooks. We asked James to share with us some of his favorite photos of late:

The crew on a perfect spring day putting the final touches to a line.

Got to love berm landings, Warren Atkinson testing new lines.

Backflips are pretty rare down our trails, here Joe Baddeley flips the one of the longest hips at the trails.

Warren Atkinson carving his way across a blind hip.

Adam Dayson blasting.

Ellis Hardesty & tyre tracks

Tim Muir one footed invert.

Charlie gets away with only a scratch after a serious nose hook, shame the same cannot be said for his frame.

Overview of the trails with Adam Dayson going a lot higher than expected.

Tim Muir whipping his back end out early in the year.

Ellis Hardesty Styling on a 25 ft set, not too bad for the oldest man at the trails (38).

Dan Mcgeary superman seat grab.

Check out Lost in the Shadows for more from James and company.

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.