Lords of Fun 2 – Puck’s Photos

This week we will be posting a handful of Photo Galleries from the 2nd Lords Of Fun, anything on wheels adventure travel party. These pictures were submitted by Brad “Puck” Byrne, who was shooting randomly the whole time, and getting great snapshots. We also worked together with Props, who will be publishing a 2 part video, filled with nonsense, and goodtimes, a lighthearted hell on wheels!

The trip was made possible by Tioga, and FBM and dudes willing to just hit the road, looking for nothing more than laughs.

Some of the photos were also featured in The Albion, with this description..

“For no good reason, The Lords of Fun convened for its second ‘official’ gathering, with a 12 person Motorcycle Rally from Virginia, to the Birthplace of Aviation, Kitty Hawk North Carolina. Followed by a Green Lincoln Limousine, BMX bikes in tow, and every other available vehicle towards a good time. For a almost a week, we rode, camped, partied, and eventually ended up in a rented beach house, in the Outer Banks, where at the turn of the 20th century, The Wright Bros. successfully experimented with homemade airplanes. Perfect.
If nothing else, it was an opportunity, rather an excuse, for friends, who all live thousands of miles apart, to have a few days together, laughing, exploring, traveling, and taking it easy, all at the same time. Working class BMX knucklheads, taking advantage of a few days on the road, and a chance to ride the wild.
No clip counts, trip goals, stress, worries, deadlines, just a good time, with good people, living out the essence of our version of the BMX lifestyle…”

The view...

Bike Rack moto style...

Brian Rainsford.

Puck- moving self portrait.

Steve Crandall. on the road.

Terrel Gordy, Brian Rainsford, and Chris Neighbors.

Chris Neighbors, king of pillows, in between naps.

Flat out awesome. Evan Venditti.

Skip, the trip dial master!

Brainsford slider.

Same shit different angle!

Sir Craig Welch, the Gentleman of the south!

Evan Venditti, master of ceremonies.

The Guy!

The essentials.

Lets go...

Freedumb machines.

Beers, Steers, and Pink Angels?

captain fun?

Brian Rainsford, dropping in...

Stay tuned for more…

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.