Looking back at 2011

We asked some of the Least Most gang to look back at 2011 and share some of their favorite memories along with some plans for 2012.

Steve Crandall

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Women (minus the wheels)

2. Drugs (minus the women)

3. Anything on wheels (minus the drugs)

4. Geting old, but getting younger.

Plans for 2012?

Everything! Avacados, Rock and Roll, Coffee, camping, bikes, hot sauce, getting lost, getting loster, hi fives, and more good times with the great people that help define my life!

Derek Adams

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Riding with all the local squids that popped up in my town this year. We built some smaller jumps in the backyard and the bmx scene took off. By the end of the year half of them got really good, some were even casually hitting the big jumps with no brakes. Of course the other half got broke off, quit riding, and sold their bikes for weed money. That’s how it goes, it’s survival of the fittest out here. Welcome to the jungle baby!

2. Putting together the Footwork video was a treat.

3. Orctoberfest/Catty Jam weekend

Plans for 2012?

Mostly looking forward to tackling some new projects. There’s a few things I’m stoked on at the moment… new Orchid website, a couple of video projects in the works, building random stuff in the yard, new shoes/apparel, recording some original music, and some sweet blogs for Least Most!

Evan Vendetti

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. I saw the video of a man with a real jetpack, a fucking jetpack, flying through the grand canyon, total game changer, anything is possible.

2. Our friends Jason, Dana, and Mia, pulled the trigger and took off on bicycles for who knows how long, going wherever ever they would like to. So stoked for them and it motivates me every time I think about it!

3. Year after year I am lucky to have friends and family that rule so much, countless good times as always, no way to compare one to the other… thanks bros, you rip.

Plans for 2012?

Foremost, the end of the world, gas in the moto and a backpack full of guns, lets do this. We’ll see if these Mayans were on it, or just hitting too much of that jungle cronic.

I do hope the world goes on though, its too much fun. Im looking forward to hard work paying off, good friends and family, a beach/richmond softball rematch, as much travel as possible, and the randomness of life, who knows what kind of weird shit we’re gonna get into this year, yeeee!

Korey Kryder

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Trying to drive halfway across the country in one weekend. When did I think that was a good idea, haha? The weekend warrior series in general was interesting, it wasn’t what I expected due to my shoulder injury, but at the same time, I’m incredibly happy with the way it came out. I met a lot of people and got to experience a lot of things I normally wouldn’t have.

2. I basically drowned in the Ithaca Reservoir this summer cause of a freak accident, and would have easily died if it wasn’t for my friends being there. Maybe not in my top 3 “favorite” memories, but it reminded me why I have the friends I do.

3. Getting Published in the Albion was one of the greatest moments in my life since I’ve picked up a bicycle. The inspiration it has given me to push myself and pursue opportunities is immeasurable.

Plans for 2012?

I’m not mad about 2011, but it wasn’t a good year. Lots of injuries, relationships, and other bullshit got in the way of things. I got bit real bad by the travel bug again recently, and I’m working on some really big moves for 2012. We’ll see where I end up…

Jackson Allen

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Traveling (Sasquatch Canyon day trips, Oregon, Austin, FBM East Coast tour)

2. Staying home (Otis the dog, built some new stuff at the trails, soaked up suds and grub with good friends)

3. I had a lot of great moments on bicycles, riding home from ridiculous places at night, pedaling through quiet woods and making my way through jumps familiar and strange. I hope there are still bicycles in 2012.

Plans for 2012?

My best friend Mike is getting married and I am officiating at the wedding. We haven’t quite worked out my outfit yet (I’d like to look like Neil Diamond on a bender) but I am so excited for my friends and the party that will ensue. Some great days at the trails, a sprinkling of road trips short and long and some new projects on the horizon should round out the year.

Stew Johnson

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Visiting Portland for a month in the summer.

2. Judging at the Nike Pool Jam in England.

3. Going to Ecuador with the Fit team.

Plans for 2012?

1. Going to Australia with the Fit team.

2. Releasing some Anthem II bonus web videos.

3. I’m really looking forward to seeing how long Steve Crandall will grow his hair out.

Kyle Emery-Peck

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. After not riding for 3 months due to a bad crash, I hit our jumps in the park the first day back on the bike. Getting over injuries psychologically is so important. That day had me stoked on riding again.

2. Going to the Glory Hole 2 times in a month ruled. We came prepared the 2nd time with a different approach going at night and bringing the bike lights, flares, BBQ etc.

3. Contributing to Full Frame Collective has been a lot of fun and motivating. Shooting with our crew has changed the way I shoot. I now think about what camera/gear to bring out.

Plans for 2012?

I hope to keep on doing what I’m doing. Just to keep on shooting and riding.

Bryan Tarbell

Top 3 experiences from 2011:

1. Riding a slew of new concrete parks.

2. My first art show.

3. Seeing my friends and loved ones grow and do radder and badder things with their lives.

Plans for 2012?

Moving to Boston this spring.

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.