Local Talent

Blogs, tee-shirts, web videos, whatever. It’s a dime a dozen at this point. Nothing is new so why not do something a little different? Like maybe a wax company? That’s what Dedham, Massachusetts local Brian Nguyen aka B-Win did. While you’re at it, might as well make it a hilarious name a la HPV. I’m not sure if the nod to Sex Wax was intentional but it fits, that’s for sure. It also fits the local skatepark where B-Win dwells at, Hyde Park. It’s on the outskirts of Boston and viruses probably run pretty rampant there.

Brian wasn’t available for comment as he was doing what most people on the East Coast do when it gets too cold, headed south. But how much more info do you need? It’s wax. You put it on the ledge, grind faster, and get sicker. For more information on HPV and where you can maybe pick up a brick of the curb butter head over to keepitdirrty.blogspot.com

Wallride photo by Dan Nquyen, portrait by Andrew Burton

Check out this edit from Brian’s crew HPV of their recent trip to Florida: