…like this casually.


Evan Venditti at last year’s FBM BYO jam in Richmond, Va. He was taking wild lines into this box jump all day. Starting close to a football field’s length away he would mow power wheelies and carves until he hit the lip and crush a one footed table like this casually.


Shot during a smoke break while riding around the north side of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with Dillon and Holladay.


The FBM Bus– A vehicle, a home, a bringer of stoke!


Van Homan– The scene for the BYO jam is always interesting. From seasoned professionals to bums eating half cooked hot dogs out of a chip bag, the eclectic group of people that show up to this jam always makes it a good time. Van Homan floating a whip over the Richmond skyline.


Party Berm at Gillies Creek– Party shaker can in one hand, beer in the other, with the hip hop air horn going off at any given moment.


Inside the FBM Bus– Crandall at the wheel and Holladay in the pit. Following the open road.

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Eric Holladay is a wild man on a bike. While pedaling around downtown Pittsburgh we stumbled upon this setup in an alley. He laced this curb bump to double tire and pulled it back out over the curb with ease.

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Mikey Askew seems to have no problem with spinning this jump at Gillies Creek even when tailing Eric Lee in the middle of a train.

photos on Film By https://www.instagram.com/garrettage/

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.