Korey Kryder: TMA on Gypsy

Korey Kryder and the Team Major Air boys just wrapped up a week of adventure and questionable lifestyle choices while on the road for FBM’s Gypsy Tour 3. Korey snapped a ton of photos along the way, here are some of his favorites:

Mike tattooing his brother Johnny, right next to last years Gypsy Tattoo. This was also Mike’s first time tattooing anything.

Group shot at some trails outside of Albany, NY.

Toby jumping his own car, something everyone should do at some point.

This was the cabin on top of the Mountain we climbed in Vermont. We met a mountain man up there that had hiked from Massachusetts.

The crew sitting on the Summit of the Mountain in Vermont.

Niles frontflipping the 30 foot cliff in the Oldest Marble Quarry in America.

Trevor with a Gap to Tooth Hanger in Providence RI

Vince, taking it like a man.

Will postin up at the skatepark in Stamford, CT.

Garrett G seat grab at Panamoka.

Johnny holding a round for one of the guns we shot at Ben Nogan’s before heading to Long Island.

Vermont Mountain HDR

Boston, MA HDR

Vince Smith downside whip

Fire pit at Ben Nogan’s place

Jason Morris

Code slinger at leastmost and bmxfeed. Ramp building and lip trick enthusiast.