Cross Country in Photos

Words by Aaron Gates, photos by Tony Archibeque

I’ve driven across America twice now. Once the real way (Alaska to the CT), and this time the short version (CT to Seattle). I will drive across the country any time I have the opportunity to do it. The best part of cross country travel is the many small things you come across, that you would never make a point of seeing in any other context. That, and America is a pretty beautiful place. In March, my wife and I packed our car, truck, and a Uhaul full of everything we could and brought our son, Tony Archibeque Jr., and our friend Gary across America. The following photos document some of the cool things and oddities we witnessed along the way.

Missoula, MT has a really fun bowl. This was one of two quick sessions we had on the trip. if I had to pick one obstacle to ride on a roadtrip, it would always be a bowl with a cradle.

Tony unleashes a Dom Mach in Montana.

The Chicago Skyway.

The Chicago Skyline.

At this point, we realized that we had entered real America.


South Dakota is full of weird roadside attractions. Driving on the interstate you will see advertisements for a particular place for literally hundreds of miles. Some of these places are awesome, Like the World's only Corn Palace. The Prehistoric village just made for a nice sunset photo.

The one time of day that the view changes on the interstate.

Idaho, land of rainbows and magnets.

Deadwood, SD. Home of Wild Bill Hickock's grave, and many tiny casinos.

Deadwood, SD.

Deadwood, SD.

A humungous smokestack in Anaconda, MT. Home of a skatepark called "The Snake Pit".

This may look like an ordinary wildlife photo, but catching this stuff at 70 mph takes some serious skill.

More fun in Deadwood. A travel weary baby.

Deadwood. An odd juxtaposition.

Driving across the country means you have to deal with truck drivers. This was one particular encounter where a trucker thought we were going too slow.

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