Countdown with Brian Venable

10 Awesome places you have been this past year (or whenever)-

1- Australia! 2- Orion music and more fest 3- Pioneer town,Ca. 4- Tony Hawk’s Offices 5- Detroit 6- Webb Gallery, Waxahatchie Tx 7- Alaska 8- The Tattoo Archive, Winston Salem,Nc 10- the Fillmore, SF,Ca!

9 Obscure facts about Lucero-

1- Ben didn’t drink for the first 2 yrs of the band 2- Roy and John were not the original rhythm section 3- the Lucero star was john’s first tattoo 4- Roy taught college classes when he was young 5- Todd Beene wore alot of paisley in the 90’s 6- Brian makes up his own names for the songs 7- the original band name was almost diamond state heartbreak 8- John puked in Jimmy Levan’s bathtub one time! 9- Brian quit the band once to chase a girl to Mnpls but came back home after a week with a fever blister!

8 Things you can’t do online-

1- Get pregnant 2- Dig a ditch 3- Ride a bike 4- Get drunk 5- Smell the glove 6- Keep a secret 7- Build the perfect woman 8- Stay out of trouble

7 Essentials for travel-

1- Pocket knife 2- Flash light 3- Towel 4- Spicy peanut sauce 5- Gaff tape 6- Lead singer 7- Phone charger

6 Reasons to be home-

1- Grass needs to be cut 2- The old lady 3- The kids 4- Pho bien 5- Guns and ammo on summer ave 6- My front porch

5 Reasons to be on the road-

1- Rock faces 2- Get tattoos 3- Catch up on my sleep 4- Visit with my out of town buddies 5- The 15yr old needs braces

4 People that have influenced you-

1- Greg Ginn 2- Mark Twain 3- Sam Phillips 4- Jim Dickinson

3 Things you do do be happy-

1- Play guitar on the porch 2- Watch cartoons with the boy 3- Drive around town in the truck listening to the radio

2 Reasons to keep pushing forward-

1- To take something good we have created and keep it alive 2- To show my kids that if you work hard and know what you want, you can do anything!

1 Thing you are looking forward to doing this year-

1- Remodeling the bathroom

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