Catching Up: Ralph Sinisi

The Winter 2001 issue of Props Video Magazine featured a profile on Animal’s front man, Ralph Sinisi. At the time Animal was a fairly young company, and along with the solid riding in the profile, Ralph spoke about his original intentions for the company. Today, Animal is one of the most influential bmx companies around. We caught up with Ralph to reflect on his Props profile and to talk about how Animal has grown in the past decade.

photo: Jeff Z

What memories does your props interview bring back?

Oh man. Too many good times. Too much fun. Wish I could go back and throw some better shit down. I love it all though. It is all good. Going to Chris Rye’s pad in the winter and walkin around in the snow and then watchin the Shining. Some good Florida trips. Not good memories with the shoulder, though. Wouldn’t change a thing except for that. That shoulder is probably the best thing on my body now. Everything else is going to hell now.

photo: Jeff Z

If you had to film a Props bio today what would change? what would be similar?

Ah. It would be the same stuff. I just do what I do. Nothing too fancy. Just riding on stuff that I want to ride on. Searchin stuff out. Crusin the streets. Hittin up Whiteboy’s ramp (that would be different, since it is gone), but I love to ride anything. I’d probably be pedaling even slower though if you can imagine that. Haha.

How has Animal grown and or changed since this section was released?

Oh yeah. It is way different. It is still just as great, if not better. It is still only the beginning over here. Things are always great. Riding and dealing with riders that love to ride. It is still all good and only getting better. I think I even love riding that much more. It just is what it is and it is what gets me souped more then anything else. Nothing I would rather be doing. We are gonna be hittin 2010 real hard with some new products and the vid. That is the deal.

What are your 5 favorite Props segments of all-time?

Oh shit. That is not easy.

I gotta say the first 2 Road Fools were the craziest shit. That was some next shit to watch at the time and probably got me more hyped then anything. Joe Rich bio off the hook. Tons of good stuff back then from Luc-e, too

You know I gotta shout out the special Jersey Tiseo showcase scene report.

I remember the Gonz had a crazy one. I know Garrett Byrnes was the best also.

On the newer ones, that one that Ian Schwartz and Chester Blacksmith both had bios in was a treat.

For your viewing enjoyment, Ralph’s Props Interview from Props 39.

Ralph Sinisi Props Interview from Least Most on Vimeo.

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