Catching Up: Garrett Byrnes

All photos courtesy of Joe Rich

Ten years ago, the February 2000 issue of Props featured a profile on a 19 year old New Jersey shredder named Garrett Byrnes. His fast, smooth and unique style in that seven minute profile influenced a generation of riders to pedal fast and re-think what was possible without pegs.

The Least Most caught up with Garrett to reminisce about his classic props bio and to find out what he’s been up to lately.

What’s new in the world of Garrett Byrnes in 2010? Are there any constants since your Props interview 10 years ago?

Wow whats new, lets see here… I recently got married and my wife and I are expecting our son in the spring. Besides that I have just been cruisin, livin the simple life.

What memories does your Props interview bring back?

My Props bio brings back memories of travel with friends. Now when I look back, I don’t remember the riding, I remember hanging out and meeting new people everyday. That was the best possible position to be in at the age I was. I made lifelong friends that just want to ride and live their dream… same as me.

If you had to film a Props bio today what would change? What would be similar?

As with everything in my life I wouldn’t change a thing. My views haven’t changed a bit, as for the riding, I could care less about filming and that shit… I just want to ride and have fun.

What are your 5 favorite Props segments of all time?

I like watching all the old ones, like when bmx wasn’t cool to anyone but us…

Anything else you’d like to add?

I miss the Ram Van man.

For your viewing pleasure, the Garrett Byrnes Profile from Props Issue 35.

Garrett Byrnes Props Interview from Least Most on Vimeo.

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