Catching Up: Brian Castillo

Some video parts are built to the stand the test of time, and so are the characters in these videos. Brian Castillo has been holding steady with Legend status for over 10 years. The Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts bossman was featured in the November 1999 issue of Props. Interviewed by the crew that accompanied him on Road Fools 4, this profile is filled with laughs and some amazing riding. At the time, Volume Bikes was still in its infancy. Knowing now what Volume and Demolition has become in the BMX world only reinforces the respect he deserves for his vision 10 years ago.

We caught up with Brian to reminisce about his Props profile and to find out about Demolition’s upcoming DVD.

What memories does your props interview bring back?


If you had to film a Props bio today what would change? what would be similar?

The whole interview would be different, I don’t think I’d be swatting bugs the whole time. The riding would probably be similar since I haven’t learned anything new since then, haha.

How has Volume (and now Demolition) grown and or changed since you talked about the company in your bio?

Oh wow, I think I just started Volume during that Props bio. I think the overall feel for the companies are definitely more refined since then. At least I’d hope so. I was 24 at the time, so maybe I was a lil’ naive too. 10 years is a long time to write about how the company has changed over the years. I think our values remain the same but a lot of other things have changed for the better.

What are some of your favorite Props segments of all-time?

Some of the first Road Fools were epic. They were so real to what pro riders were really like outside of contests and magazine interviews at the time. The first ones had some characters that loved to fuck with each other and it turned out to be entertaining to watch.

The whole Demolition crew has been filming for an upcoming DVD. What’s the game plan for the video? When can people expect to see it in their local bike shop?

The plan is to have a solid video for the guys to look back on and be psyched about. I’ve been up and down on DVD’s for some time now but the whole Demolition team really wanted it to happen this year. I’m pumped that they are really motivated on getting their parts above and beyond expectations. We’re really pushing it to be a promotional tool, we all know that it’s hard to make a buck off a DVD these days. We’re hoping to have it out by Dec 2010.

Check out Brian’s Props Bio from issue 32:

Here’s a more recent profile on Brian courtesy of Volume Bikes:

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