Holly St. Jam/ Anthem 2 premiere.

On November 20th, Evan Venditti of ReCycles Bike shop in Richmond VA. invited everyone to ride some ramps in a basketball court, and have a good time. Close to 100 riders showed up, some brought ramps to ride, some brought 4loko, and just about everyone showed up with a good attitude, stoked to have a good session, on a sunny autumn saturday. Later that Evening, Mojo’s, Evan And Robb Tibbs hosted a premiere for Anthem 2, a video by Stew Johnson that was not to be missed. Judging by the rowdy applause for about the entire duration of the video, I figure its safe to say the video is a success. Here are some Photos I shot, as well as a few By Dave Mingee.

Charlie, who brought this ramp to the jam, maximizing its potential.

Evan Venditti- Event Promoter.

Latane Coghill, suicide footjam nosepick to fakie.

Fresh outta the clink. Christian Hewett.

Hype Man, Christian Hewett.

Juan Footer.

Noah Hander.

The Kenny Horton

Oregon Hill, this is a family neighborhood motherfu.....

Erik Hollady.

This is hippie, he doesn't even have a BMX bike.

Neil Hise!

Linwood Monk. Going For it.

This dude... Brian Rainsford!

Neil Hise, pocket air to a pink ramp!

MOJO Time, Anthem 2 Premiere- Dave Mingee pics

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.