48 hours to philly

Carlos Bailey chain 180

The Leeper Bros. Shane and Dillon, are weekend warriors, known to get off work, drive hundreds of miles, ride, explore and party all weekend long, only to drive directly back to work…

This photo series is from Dillon Leeper from a 48 hour excursion to Philly and beyond, searching for spots and camping on rooftops, with Dre Tylee,
Latane Coghill, Doug Fines,Carkos Bailey, James Lukas, Garrett Anderson and

Latane Coghill

Delaware chillin'

Dillon Leeper & Doug Fines

Doug Fines America Baby

Dre Tylee Barspin

Dre Tylee Fence Gap

Latane Coghill 5050 up to opposite 5050 backwards

Dre Tylee turndown

Dre Tyleee nose manual

Garrett Anderson Storm door to wallride


James Lukas & Garrett Anderson

Shane Leeper double peg

James Lukas nose maunal

James lukas Turndown

Garrett Anderson Table

Latane Coghill Grat to wallride

Latane Coghill wizardry

Shane Leeper & Dillon Leeper

Shane Leeper Uprail 5050

Shane Leeper

Dre Tylee Table

Rooftop Camping Photo Doug Fines

Steve Crandall

Coffee sipping pilot of a red FBM frame and a Nikon camera.