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Streets is talkin.

Whether you are bombing a Bone Deth rail, or Coming up on the latest Smith Grinds, You gotta make sure you have the right gear when you are out in the streets! Dress for success!

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Vic Murphy

… is RAD, via Holeshot!

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Build your own fun.

Amongst other awesomeness this was spotted over in Sasquatch Canyon!

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3 Cool Pics.

Rick Crossman sent over these pics, 1 of Eric hennessey riding in Austin texas, and another of Sporter Neal in Glenns Falls NY.

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From the Web

Seen in Scott Towne’s Barn, Via Fun Bro.

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Coxie Interview

A great interview with James Cox by the bros at BMX movie data base!

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The Gute

A classic! Via Ed Koenning.

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From The Forum

Mike Cottle in Upstate NY, shot By Ryan Hoey!

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Over 35

Like any good obsessive old schooler, I pay close attention to oldschoolmags.comʼs website for new pdf uploads of the mags I grew up with. There is a great nostalgia seeing the BMX Action cover of Darryl Young doing a ground chuck ten years before Ground Chucks rise (If I am not mistaken, I think Chuck is considered OS now).

Last weekʼs update proved a bit comedy for me personally when I stumbled upon this editorial by Bob Hadley appearing in the January 1982 of BMX Plus!.

I took extra enjoyment out of it as not only is this about when I had just to begin discovering BMX, but also, March 2010 marked my 35th birthday, placing me right in the line of fire! Outside of creeping in on middle age, other milestones for me this year include riding Posh and Catty for the first time, building two new lines at my trails, and finally learning to ride the tight ass pool at Wilson skatepark. I also have sent product out to my good friends Scott Towne and Todd Britton, who are both about 10 years my senior. These guys saw the birth of the sport and are still at it, progressing in their own way, and wearing big smiles while providing endless inspiration to myself and others around us.

35 to old to get my BMX on? Hey Bob, Screw you! – Eric Block

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Wanna see a shitload of awesome photos? Check this out, send over by Chet at MosBueno.

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NIce Promo

A new promo from Nic F. over at Nice Brand, featuring John Ivers and Garrrett Guilliams!

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Dudes Enjoyin’ Colorado

By Joe Rich!

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