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Prologue. Epilogue. The End.

In November of 2011, I took a short trip up to DC. Over the course of those three days, I caught up with an old ... read more


I hoped only for submission. The most viable move: to pin him down with my knees. To swing with both fists, using the ball of ... read more

An Exorcism.

I crept into the small opening in the rear of the fortress. Like a cloaca, this aluminum porthole, injecting, ejecting the kids who thought the ... read more

It Never Felt So Good To Lose.

Fuck off! I screamed. My voice penetrating the “boos” that rained down upon me. A ticker tape parade of trash, half eaten hot dogs, tin foil, ... read more

Peddling Snake Oil.

Under the unkept canopy of oaks and the winding maze of scrub palm, my grandmother would step up to pay the couple dollars for zoo ... read more

Fear And Loathing In Paradise.

I sit here in St. Petersburg. Two miles from the beach. Two miles from what some deem paradise. I sit at a desk, behind warehouse walls, ... read more

Lake Ness.

“There’s Loch Lochy. There’s Loch a pig. There’s Linnhy. The biggest, due southwest. And then this, here, Loch Ness.” 'Loch,' I would learn from our bus driver, was ... read more

Skeleton Church.

Some of the kids we met spoke six languages. Mainly while criss crossing Scandinavia, where education is lauded above most other things. English was on ... read more

Incompetent Thievery.

There were seven of us. Seven whiney ass Americans travelling across Central Europe. Whiney we were, compared to the punk kids, from lower income families spread ... read more

Collapsing Into The Whatever.

How in the hell did this happen? The placement exam, eighty multiple choice, covering everything I knew nothing about. In it being so wide open on material, ... read more

Vocal Shrapnel.

“Fuck” Was the word that started all this. I used it to express exasperation. Driving while on the phone, my wife in the passenger seat, “Fuck, what a mess?” ... read more

Resurrecting a Corpse.

The Law of Conservation of Energy. One of few ideas I retained from a year’s worth of high school physics. Its main premise: energy cannot ... read more