The Forgetters

On Sunday December 13th, at an old firehall converted into a gallery/showplace I got the chance to see the Forgetters, and a few other bands…. Under the watchful eye of a 20 foot Spider in the ceiling wearing a santa hat, and in the midst of mid afternoon 3 dollar tall boys, I got to witness a legend.


Like Many I grew up on Jawbreaker, made my comparison’s to jets To Brazil, got the live recording of Thorns of Life, and so on…

This new project, featuring Blake Schwarzenbach (guitar/vocals), Caroline Paquita (bass), Kevin Mahon (drums), was my first chance to see one of the guys who helped shape my life. Ever since I saw Headfirst, with Jawbreaker’s ‘Softcore’ blasting, Chad Herrington riding Honda Hills, and Vic Murphy’s timeless table top in slow motion at Mission Trails, I’d developed a tick for that sound.

I wasn’t familiar with the songs, but the show was fun, and I enjoyed it. Sounds Good…


Lee Sizemore

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