The Ergs! (Record review)

The Ergs!/The Measure[SA]-Split 7″(s)

So The Ergs! are obviously going to the same recording studio in Mexico that 2PAC has been chilling at. The band has released a couple of records since their break-up last year and apparently there is more to come. I remember reading about this split at the bottom of the No Idea site for a while and eagerly have been anticipating it’s arrival. I ended up scoring a bunch of stuff from No Idea for my score and grabbed a copy of this slab o’ wax for myself. When I went to put it on the record play I notice that is said side C and D and was wondering what this nonsense was about. I then went to check the pressing info (thank you No Idea for doing this for us nerds!) out and found out that The Ergs and The Measure had fooled all of us instead of just having one split there are 2 versions out there.

These tricksters made a cover with Chevy Chase and Norm McDonald and flipped out the 2 bands names on both versions so they look pretty identical but those with a quick eye can see what is going on. On the records with Side A and Side B, each band covers the first song from each other from Side C and D, plus another song by each band. The highlight of these 7″s for me is The Ergs’ cover of the Measure’s Workage, it sounds like a classic Ergs style song with a good Dub tone to it. The Measure’s Songs are great and do a choice job of the Male/Female Vocals in an appropriate way between the songs.

The sadness of the Ergs departure will always be there, but there is a ray of light with the Measure continuing to crank hits out and hopefully not stopping soon. If you find yourself with one of these records immediately seek out it’s sister, brother, cousin, friend or what not so you may be complete. The Sneakiness and Quality Tunes of this gets an A+++++.

– Curtis

Lee Sizemore

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